Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Two years ago we decided to go to Hawaii for our Christmas/family vacation.  Ashlee was a senior and you never know how life is going to change when the kids grow up and move on with their lives.  Because the kids are from divorced parents I knew this would work out because their mother does wonderful christmas presents and so technically they would still have a lot of presents to open. 
This year we decided to go to Playa Del Carmen Mexico.  And it was "AMAZING' We had a nice resort and we always do something out of the ordinary because again Cortnee is a senior and we never know what will happen once she graduates.  This time Ashlee and Cortnee swam with the dolphins. The resort we stayed at was all inclusive and in addition to room service which Ashlee and Cortnee really enjoyed. It also offered Kayaking on a cenote, snorkeling in a cenote, bike riding around the property. We did snorkel and Kayak, which did not end up being so much fun for Ashlee and Cortnee.  That is quite a lot of work for inexperienced kayakers. Which we are.  But we survived and it was a lot of fun.  The resort was called Hacienda Tres Rios and I would highly recommend it.

I was going to upload some pictures but it has been awhile since I blogged and things here have changed and I do not have the patience to try to figure it out. So maybe I will get some pictures posted.  Love you all and have a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leavenworth, Washington

we love going on vacation.
Mom and Dad invited us to join them at Worldmark at Leavenworth Washington.  We of course cannot pass up a vacation.
Ashlee and Cortnee are on vacation with their mom in San Diego and so off we go.
We left on Monday the 20th of August and drove to McCall Idaho.  It was a beautiful little town and we are having a week long family reunion there next year so we did a little investigating of the town in preparation.
Tuesday we headed off for Leavenworth. It was most of the day driving but we finally arrived. It is also a beautiful little town.
 This is the view from our patio
 This motel has flowers amazing flowers hanging from all of the balconies
 Marc and I as we walked along the Wenatche river (which I think we will float sometime this week)
 Mom and Dad our wonderful traveling companions
It is a Bavarian/German town and there are flowers and murals everywhere. This is on front street. Very cute little town.

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas 2011

It has been a year and a half since I posted. I guess now would be a great time to post again. Marc and I have not been home on Christmas for the last 5 years. last year we took the girls to Hawaii, the year before that we were in Vegas, I guess in 2008 we were home. Ooops. 2007 we went to Rosarita, Mexico with mom and dad.. So I guess 4 out of the last 5 we have been gone. I kind of like it. Christmas at home just gets a little (lot) to crazy. We just watch nice movies, some christmas some not. This year Christmas was on a Sunday, we left Salt Lake on Friday and went to the Vegas temple that night. It is a beautiful peaceful place to be after traveling all day. Saturday we went for a bike ride west of Vegas it is a beautiful place to ride. That night we were able to get discount tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil - Ka show at the MGM. It was good. there were some way crazy things that they did. We enjoyed it. Sunday we went to church, it was all musical and was very nice. Monday we went to the Bass Pro shop at the silverton casino. It is similar to Cabelas in Utah but Cabelas is much larger. After that we went for another bike ride. Marc wanted to go about 15 miles. The trail we rode was about 6 miles. He had fun and so did I. Tonight we are headed to the Venetian to see "The Phantom of the Opera". I am very excited. Marc is not dreading it but not excited either. the plus of both of the shows is that we paid about half price. Still a decent amount of money but half price is much better. Love Christmas, love my family, love spending time with Marc.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have taken some inspiration from my sister Lora. She has been sewing and sewed some very cute aprons. I haven't sewed my apron yet but I did wash the fabric. But I did finish a Halloween stiched bag that I have been working on or planning to work on for several years. It turned out really cute. I started sewing a snowman pillow but it needs some adjustments so maybe it will get done and posted sometime soon.

Snowshoeing January 2010

For Christmas Marc and I got new snowshoes and we went out two weekends and then Marc went out two weekends by himself. It was beautiful out there. The first time I went we figure we went about 1 mile and 3/4 in an hour and a half. The second time we went about 3 miles in a couple of hours. I am sure Marc was much faster by himself. Maybe I will get out again this weekend. It was funny we bought new snow pants and very nice warm gloves. We were shedding clothes fairly rapidly. I didn't even use my gloves most of the time. But now we know.

New Haircut

Wow I love it. My sister is the best cosmetologist ever. (Any bets how it will look tomorrow when I try to do it) I have been wanting to do a new hairdo for so long I finally did it today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well it is a new year and has been for 16 days. I have much to be grateful for and I am going to try to post more often.

I am grateful for the beautiful house we have to live in.

I am grateful for the job that Marc has. He has been working lots and lots. Cortnee likes to complain sometimes about her dad being gone so much. I tell her she would hate it a lot worse if he were home all of the time because he didn't have a job.

I am grateful for Ashlee and Cortnee and the opportunity to be their second "mom" I don't think they know how much I appreciate them.

I just accidentally happened upon a blog and the lady was writing about turning our wants into gratitude. Her son was at the store with her and kept saying I want, I want, I want, she turned to him and said we are not going to play the I want game any more how about i am grateful for the bread in our cart, I am grateful for the milk and cereal. she talked about how it is a lifelong lesson and if we don't repeatedly remind our kids of this, it won't change.

I am grateful for the family and friends that have blogs that I am lucky enough to be able to read!
Love you all.